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Healthcare solutions designed by engineers for engineers.

ACEC Life/Health Trust

Now more than ever, it's important to have options and flexibility when it comes to offering health care coverage for your employees.

When you choose the ACEC Life/Health Trust insured by United Healthcare, you 'll find an array of affordable health plan solutions to meet your unique needs and those of your employees. Plus, the ACEC Life/Health Trust helps ease the burden for you around health care reform compliance and the complex changes happening in the health care industry.

As an ACEC member, you may benefit from these ACEC Life/Health Trust features:

Product and Price Flexibility - A broad product portfolio offers several medical plan designs ranging from traditional, open-access plans to account-based, higher cost-sharing plans to fit your coverage and pricing needs.


Preferred Savings - You may receive savings on annual medical plan premiums. 


Dedicated Service Team - A dedicated account service team is U.S.-based with more than 20 years of combined engineering industry and health care coverage experience.

A Broad Network - United Healthcare's vast provider network provides local access to 99% of the U.S. population. It includes more than 783,000 physicians and health care professionals, and over 5,700 hospitals.


Streamlined Administration - Moving from your current health plan is surprisingly simple. Plus, ongoing administration is easy and secure through Employer eServices - where you can maintain eligibility information, request medical ID cards, and review real-time postings - all online for increased accuracy and efficiency. 

Learn how your engineering firm can take advantage of health care solutions tailored to your needs with the ACEC Life/Health Trust.


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