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Group Insurance

Benefits Broker, Inc. has vast resources to simplify the business of insurance coverage for you and your employees. We represent a number of insurance carriers, enabling us to offer a wide range of plans. Our services include designing, administering and servicing benefit plans. We continuously review information regarding new and different insurance carriers and types of coverage that can satisfy your needs.

To qualify for a group insurance plan, your organization must:

Have at least two employees, with one of the employees having no ownership. Please note: a married couple does not qualify as a group, in itself.


Offer the plan to all employees who work at least 30 hours per week.


Pay a portion of the premium (of the lowest cost option) for each employee enrolling that may be based off a flat rate or a percentage of premium.


Be domiciled in Colorado.

Health Insurance Options


Small-Group Eligibility: 2 - 99 employees

Health Insurance contracts are required to be offered on a guarantee-issue basis. Carrier must guarantee issue basic and standard small-group coverage during an annual open enrollment window to groups-of-one with involuntary loss coverage only. Small group premiums are based on benefits selected, geographic location and age. The index rate can be adjusted up to 10% above and 25% below the index rate based on smoking status, claims experience, health status, and individual classification. Employers are required to pay 50% of employee-only coverage with eligibility based on hours worked and class, of employee.

Health Insurance Options

Large-Group Eligibility: 100+ employees

A large group is defined as having 100 or more employees. Large group health insurance is medically underwritten at the time of purchase, with rates based on employee participation, age, sex, geographic location, and  prior claims experience. They do not have to be offered on a guarantee-issue basis. 

We know the market - by distinguishing the best products from the merely adequate.


We know the law - we monitor state and federal legislation and regulations that impact health insurance products.


We know the industry - by completing stringent licensing requirements and continuing education courses. 

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