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Commercial Auto Insurance

Benefits Broker provides the options to protect not only what drives you in a business, but what you drive for your business.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Whatever your business there is probably a vehicle that makes it possible. In a world where business seems to move faster everyday, it's no surprise that getting the job done quickly has the potential to end in an accident. But all forms of vehicle insurance policies are not created equally.

Protecting your commerical vehicles requires the expertise of an insurance company you can rely on. For protection as well as peace of mind, Benefits Broker will help you break down your commerical auto policy that provides comprehensive auto coverage.



Benefits Broker helps you choose the best insurance coverage for the cars, trucks or trailers that make up the core of your business activities.

Business Vehicle



If you manage or own a business that operates a fleet of five commercial vehicles or more, consult with us to make your auto fleet insurance have the maximum protection it needs.

Fleet Insurance

Fleet - Truck - Business Vehicles



Whether you require insurance for your fleet, basic truck coverage, or insurance for a single company vehicle, our policies offer extensive or enhanced coverage with customized insurance packages that are tailored to your business needs. We don't just insure care, we protect business owners source of mobility and income.

Package Policy at Competitive Rates



Our auto insurance package policy offers both liability and property coverage for businesses and organizations at a lower premium than individual policies with similar coverage purchased separately. Benefits Broker will help you insure your autos and business properties in one package policy for a multi-policy discount.

To learn how specific commercial umbrella coverages can affect and protect your business, contact                     to discuss your options for financial

protection you and your business needs.

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