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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Benefits Broker understands that each business has its own idiosyncrasies and we'll pinpoint an umbrella policy to fit your business.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

Benefits Broker understands that every business is unique. This starts with the products and services they offer and graduates to some companies working with the public while others are only business to business. Some commercial enterprises work with potentially dangerous materials or in potentially dangerous environments, while others are stationed behind desks. Depending on the specific situation of your company, you may require more than what the standard liability insurance offers.


Your standard liability insurance protects you and your business against certain types of loss, but may not provide sufficient coverage in the event of a lawsuit or if your business is faced with overwhelming cost claims. Adding a commercial umbrella to your insurance policy offers additional protection and coverage to pick up where your standard liability policy finishes off.

Can you Afford a Large Claim Made Against Your Business?


It's a question that not enough business owners ask themselves when acquiring their business insurance policy. Under certain circumstances, liability claims against your business may require you to pay out of pocket for legal fees, medical bills, and other damages. Talk with us at Benefits Broker, Inc. to add an extra layer of essential protection to your existing liability coverage in case damage claims exceed the limits of an existing primary policy.


Commercial Umbrella coverage protects businesses assets from:

1. Slip and fall accident on your commercial property that causes a serious injury

2. Significant damage or injury caused as a result of an error

3. Liability claims due to negligence or misrepresentation in the course of advertising or providing services

4. Offers expanded auto, and property coverage not included in your primary policy

To learn how specific commercial umbrella coverages can affect and protect your business, contact                     to discuss your options for financial

protection you and your business needs.

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